Kate Hunter


Kate Hunter


Secret Service Agent

Works With

Chuck White

First Appearance

Sharp Shot

Latest Appearance

First Strike



Kate Hunter is a Secret Service agent that first appears in Sharp Shot. Unlike most other secondary characters, she also appears in a second book, First Strike. She usually co-works with Chuck White.

In Sharp ShotEdit

Kate Hunter tries to rescue Jade from Mark Darrow, but he knocks her unconscious, and takes Jade away. She later helps to rescue Jade from Darrow but becomes trapped in the desert with Jade, Rich, Chuck and John . They are rescued by a tribe of nomads and get to America in time to stop Mark from assassinating the President.

In First StrikeEdit

She infiltrates the enemy, to work out their aims. They are originally believed to be assassinating a Chinese senator, but it is revealed that they are actually after the President Of The United States Of America. Late in the book, Kate finally gets a chance to break from the enemy's lines, and join her team protecting the president. They are waging a losing battle until the SAS arrive and win back the White House.